This Blog is dedicated to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the concepts of Montessori education.  My initial thought was to create a booklet for our parents at Covington Montessori School,  providing a guide to the  Montessori lessons their children would be experiencing.  When I started to collect material to produce the booklet, I realized that it would take some time to go through all the works in each area and to complete the book in a reasonable time.  So, I decided to start a journey into the Montessori method and philosophy on this blog.  Starting with one area and one lesson and progressing every few days with more lessons and theory.  Gradually working our way through the basic Montessori curriculum .  There are many Montessori sites online, explaining and even demonstrating the works; but, even as a Montessori professional, I find them disjointed , as if the concepts were taken out of context.  My hope is to allow an exploration in the theory and evolution of the Montessori method.  In this way the amazing ability of the Montessori environment to release the child’s potential can be comprehended and appreciated.  Please join me on this exploration.  Read, comment, enjoy!