I was first  introduced to the concepts of Dr. Maria Montessori by a physician mentor during my Pediatric residency.  Intrigued, I read “The Montessori Method”,  Maria Montessori’s documentation of her theories and method of education.  The science and simplicity of it fascinated me, and I then searched out schools to observe the concepts first hand.  At this point,  I was sold on the method, and  I knew I wanted my children to someday attend a Montessori school.  A move to the Northshore  prompted me to found Covington Montessori School  in December of 1982 and we welcomed our first students  in the summer of 1983. Covington Montessori has been guiding children in the Montessori method since that time.  As I continued my studies, becoming a Certified Montessori teacher,  the Montessori method of education never failed to amaze me.  Its consistency in  fostering  the development of  self confident, inquisitive children, who love to learn is unparalleled in preschool education.  As a Pediatrician dedicated to the care and development of children, Montessori  has been a life long love for me and I am looking forward to exploring the world of Montessori with you on this blog.

Dr. Nancy Carter